Dentist Near Me Fairhope

Dentist Near Me Fairhope

4 summer tips for a healthy mouth

Summer has arrived!  Chances are you have already done your “spring cleaning”…..but if you missed your mouth, don’t worry!  Summer is here and there is still time!  Add these four items to your to-do list!

  1.  Replace that old worn toothbrush

Your toothbrush should be changed every three months.  The toothbrush is made to reach small crevices, and if the bristles are worn down, the chances of reaching those areas decrease.  Another reason?  Bacterial and Viral Infections!  Infectious agents thrive in the bristles and have the potential to reinfect you.  If you get a cold or battle the flu, make sure to toss your toothbrush!

  1.  Don’t Let the Mouthwash Expire

Almost all mouthwashes have a shelf life that is indicated on the bottle.  If you use mouthwash past the expiration date, it will not only affect the taste but also make it less effective.  Double-check yours! Alabama Dentist Near Me Fairhope

  1.  Replenish the floss supply

It is recommended that the floss length be around 18 inches every flossing session.  If you floss daily, that makes about 45 feet of floss in one month!  Make sure to stock up so you do not run out!

  1.  Go See Your Dentist

Cleanings are recommended to be every six months, so your regular dental visits should already be a part of your schedule.  If you have been skipping some of these visits, or there is a new problem, call your dental office and set up an appointment!  When you take the time to see your dentist, which makes it a lot easier to spot and stop any problem before it becomes bigger, pricier, and more painful!  Summer is a busy time……so if at all possible, try to schedule your appointments in the fall and spring so that it keeps you being able to be faithful to them!  Alabama Dentist Near Me Fairhope

Alabama Daphne Dental Emergency

Alabama Daphne Dental Emergency

Dry Socket

Dry Socket, also known as alveolar osteitis, is a dental condition that is very painful and occurs sometimes after a permanent adult tooth is extracted.  Dry Socket happens when the blood clot at the site of the tooth extraction fails to develop, it dislodges, or it dissolved before the wound has healed.

Under normal circumstances, when a tooth is pulled, a blood clot will form at the site of the tooth extraction.  This blood clot is a protective layer over the underlying bone and nerve endings in the empty tooth socket.  The clot is also necessary to provide a foundation for the growth of a new bone and for the soft tissue to develop over the clot.

When the clot doesn’t form, exposure to the underlying bone and nerves will result in intense pain.  Pain happens in the socket but also along the nerves radiating to the side of the face.  The socket will become inflamed and can fill with food debris, intensifying the pain.  If a dry socket develops, the pain will usually start 1 to 3 days after the tooth is removed.   Alabama Daphne Dental Emergency

The most common complication following a tooth extraction is a dry socket.  When the wisdom teeth are removed (third molars), a dry socket can be a complication.  Taking over-the-counter medications alone will not be enough to treat dry socket pain.  You will need a dentist or oral surgeon to offer treatment to relieve the pain as well.

If you suspect a dry socket, call the dentist that removed your tooth as soon as possible.  Alabama Daphne Dental Emergency


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Alabama Clear Braces Daphne

Alabama Clear Braces Daphne

Caring For Teeth with Braces

If you want straight teeth, braces are one of the most popular ways to go!  Braces usually get put on with patients that are between the ages of 12 to 15—they correct crooked or overcrowded teeth.

Straight teeth and an attractive smile will improve dental function and improve a person’s overall health.

Here are some common questions with answers about staying comfortable and healthy while wearing braces!

Why is having good oral hygiene with braces so important?

Food gets trapped in the tiny spaces between all the brackets and wires.  This causes decay and enamel staining.  Plaque will begin to build up and the food will react with bacteria in the mouth.  The metal in the braces produces a bleaching effect, which can cause small, permanent light spots on the teeth.

How do you clean teeth and braces?

Brushing should take place after every meal and it is best to use a floss threader or orthodontic floss at least once a day to clean between the teeth and under the wires.  Check your teeth often in the mirror and ensure all food particles are gone.  If you are in a place with no toothbrush, rinse your mouth vigorously with water.  Alabama Clear Braces Daphne

How do braces feel?

The wires on the braces are what help move the teeth into position.  They are tightened at each visit.  When they are tightened, this will cause pressure on the teeth and some discomfort.  The best thing you can do is to eat soft foods and take pain relievers.  Braces can rub against the inside of the lips.  If this occurs, wax can be placed on the wires to keep them from chafing.  Alabama Clear Braces Daphne

Alabama Best Dentist Fairhope

Alabama Best Dentist Fairhope

4 reasons to get an oral cancer screening

Oral Cancer………you may think this is something you never have to worry about.  And if you aren’t a smoker or chew tobacco, there is a huge probability that oral cancer will never touch you.  But, if you do smoke or chew tobacco, your chances of getting oral cancer increase every year that you continue to use these.

With a five-year survival rate as low as 60%, oral cancer is definitely scary cancer.  Getting checked for the disease is something everyone should do, but here are four excellent reasons why you should add an oral cancer screening to your wellness to-do list.

  1.  It’s Simple

All you must do is ask your dentist to check for any signs of oral cancer during your regular dental exam.  If your dentist is a good one, he or she already does this every time you have your teeth cleaned.

  1.  It’s Life Saving

Oral cancer is devastating, but boosting your chances of survival increases by at least 20% points if the disease is caught early enough.  Alabama Best Dentist Fairhope

  1.  It’s Inexpensive

When you have the oral cancer exam incorporated into the regular dental exam, there is no extra expense unless your dentist requests a follow-up.

  1.  It’s best to be safe…. than sorry

Even if you are positive you don’t have oral cancer and you think you will never experience this awful disease, isn’t the best and smartest thing to be sure?  Alabama Best Dentist Fairhope

AL Fairhope Cosmetic Dentist

AL Fairhope Cosmetic Dentist

Body Dysmorphic Disorder and Teeth

Society has a view of what a beautiful man or woman should look like.  This view, most of the time, is unrealistic.  The world we live in now is filled with computer-altered images and airbrushing.  These ideals are virtually unattainable for most people.

Being perfect is a pressure some feel, but it is difficult to handle for someone who suffers from body dysmorphic disorder (BDD).  Most people will focus on their appearance a small amount, but those with BDD are obsessed with their perceived flaws.

Elective cosmetic dental procedures are on the rise and dentists may be the first of health care providers to notice BDD and actually intervene.  The author of the study performed, Chris Herren DMD, became interested in this disorder after he dealt with a patient who displayed symptoms of BDD.  The patient wanted whiter teeth and kept insisting that the teeth were too dark, even after numerous bleaching procedures had been performed.

For reasons unknown, the patient broke down and admitted that teeth whitening was an all-consuming obsession.  This patient broke down and started crying.

A dentist who thinks a patient is suffering from BDD will recommend a physician so that the problem can be properly diagnosed.  Symptoms are very similar to personality traits of a person who is unusually meticulous or their appearance.     AL Fairhope Cosmetic Dentist

Signs of BDD:

  •  Distress over small physical flaws
  •  Obsession with flaw makes it difficult for them to function
  •  Excessive behavior, all relating back to the flaw
  •  Believes that he/she is treated differently because of the flaw
  •  Wants excessive or unneeded treatment of flaw
  • Always dissatisfied with results of treatments and procedures  AL Fairhope Cosmetic Dentist

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