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Musicians and Veneers…….Is it a Problem?

Everyone needs to see a dentist. Everyone’s mouth is different.  These are facts.  But, there are people who use their mouths in different ways than maybe the average dental patient.

Musician who uses their mouth to play an instrument will have specialized needs that their dentist needs to be aware of.  Any change in the mouth (even so small) can have a huge impact on how they are able to play their instrument.  Musicians need special attention.

In a musician’s world, there is a term called “embouchure”.  To a musician, this refers to the way their mouths rest against the instrument they play. Embouchure embodies the use of lips, mouth, tongue and facial muscles and how they are applied to a mouthpiece to produce a pleasant tone, range, and endurance while playing a brass or wind musical instrument.  Embouchure requirements are different for each instrument—and a minimal dental treatment can affect embouchure.  AL Cosmetic Dentist Fairhope 

Your dentist needs to know how you play the instrument and a patient should even bring the instrument to the dentist’s office to show how the instrument is played.  For any professional musician, having a mold of your mouth is a good idea, in the event that there is an emergency.

Anterior dentistry, which includes bonding and veneers, can significantly change the way a musician moves the mouth when playing an instrument.  It is extremely important for musicians to discuss treatments with a dentist to help determine the best way to solve the problem without changing the embouchure.  AL Cosmetic Dentist Fairhope 

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