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Body Dysmorphic Disorder and Teeth

Society has a view of what a beautiful man or woman should look like.  This view, most of the time, is unrealistic.  The world we live in now is filled with computer-altered images and airbrushing.  These ideals are virtually unattainable for most people.

Being perfect is a pressure some feel, but it is difficult to handle for someone who suffers from body dysmorphic disorder (BDD).  Most people will focus on their appearance a small amount, but those with BDD are obsessed with their perceived flaws.

Elective cosmetic dental procedures are on the rise and dentists may be the first of health care providers to notice BDD and actually intervene.  The author of the study performed, Chris Herren DMD, became interested in this disorder after he dealt with a patient who displayed symptoms of BDD.  The patient wanted whiter teeth and kept insisting that the teeth were too dark, even after numerous bleaching procedures had been performed.

For reasons unknown, the patient broke down and admitted that teeth whitening was an all-consuming obsession.  This patient broke down and started crying.

A dentist who thinks a patient is suffering from BDD will recommend a physician so that the problem can be properly diagnosed.  Symptoms are very similar to personality traits of a person who is unusually meticulous or their appearance.     AL Fairhope Cosmetic Dentist

Signs of BDD:

  •  Distress over small physical flaws
  •  Obsession with flaw makes it difficult for them to function
  •  Excessive behavior, all relating back to the flaw
  •  Believes that he/she is treated differently because of the flaw
  •  Wants excessive or unneeded treatment of flaw
  • Always dissatisfied with results of treatments and procedures  AL Fairhope Cosmetic Dentist
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