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What Is Tooth Resorption

Resorption is a general term for what happens when a part of the body absorbs or takes from another part of the body.  It happens in different areas and tissues, but tooth resorption is specifically about the inflammation and loss of the inner tissue (dentin) or the outer material (cementum) to absorption.  There are two main types that can happen to a tooth: internal and external.


Internal Tooth Resorption

If your dentist diagnosis internal resorption, they are talking about the tooth itself.  The dentin or the cementum has started to be absorbed into the tooth canal.  This causes the tooth’s inner and outer surfaces to become inflamed.  Usually this is caused by an injury to the tooth, like a trauma, chemicals, heat, of bacterial invasion of the pulp.  The tissue will change from normal to a giant and inflamed cell that then absorbs into the tooth root.

When this happens, it will leave the tooth hollow. This makes it susceptible to damage and decay.  The first sign that most people would notice would be a pinkish tinge to the tooth.  This is what shows that the internal tissue is affected.  Your dentist will then order an x-ray.  X-rays may show a dental lesion in the area. Best Cosmetic Dentist Daphne AL


External Tooth Resorption

This is very similar to internal resorption, but sometimes difficult to distinguish.  Causes of external tooth resorption include trauma, rapid orthodontic movement of the teeth, or an infection of the gum space in or around the tooth.

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Once the outside root or crown of the permanent tooth is absorbed, it can lead to tooth loss, infection, teeth that shift, and other mouth or jaw problems.  Timely dental attention is the only way to circumvent these problems. Best Cosmetic Dentist Daphne AL


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