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When you have total adult tooth loss, this is known as edentulism.  It is an oral health condition that affects around 9 million people in the United States alone.  Twenty-five percent of people older than 60 have complete tooth loss.  Once this condition is present, it is irreversible and can only be treated by the person getting complete dentures, dental implants, or a combination of both.

So what are the risk factors for edentulism?  How can you make sure that you keep your teeth as you age?

Edentulism Risk Factors

There are many factors associated with total tooth loss:

  1. Age.  The American Academy of Periodontology records that over 70 percent of people over the age of 65 have some form of gum disease.  This is a major reason people lose their teeth.  There is a much greater chance of having edentulism if the patient is older than 65.  Best Cosmetic Dentist Alabama Fairhope

2. Smoking.  There is much evidence and systemic medical conditions that say you have a much greater chance of losing your teeth and damaging your gums if you are a smoker or even were a smoker in past years.

3. Genetics.  Your genetics say a lot about you and can determine if you will lose your teeth as you age.  Good oral hygiene and routine preventive maintenance from your dentist and hygienist can help lower those risk factors.  Think of a dental appointment like you would a cardio exercise regimen that will help your heart health, even though risk factors are present because of your family history. Best Cosmetic Dentist Alabama Fairhope

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