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Dental Debridement

Your body will always naturally produce plaque.  It’s the soft sticky substance that coats your teeth.  If the plaque doesn’t get cleaned off and is allowed to build up along the teeth, it will then become tartar.  Tartar is a hard substance and much harder to remove.  During your dental check-ups, but of these substances usually are addressed and you leave the dental visit with completely clean teeth.

If you happen to miss several checkups, the plaque and tartar can become severe and stubborn.  This will most likely make your dentist use a technique called debridement before your usual check-up.  If this is suggested to you, no worries! Removal of debridement is absolutely necessary for your oral health and this procedure can put you back on the road to a healthy mouth!

Imagine an archaeologist working on your teeth, exposing an artifact.  Before they are able to examine the piece, they have to uncover it and clean ever crevice.  They have to do more than simply brush away the coating.  They even use special tools to uncover the artifact.  This is so similar to how your dentist debrides.

A simple cleaning by your dental hygienist is enough to prep the teeth for a routine check-up.  But if your teeth haven’t been professionally cleaned and plaque and tartar has built up, it will obstruct the view the dentist needs.  The hygienist will remove the tartar and plaque with an ultrasonic device and scaling tools.  This appointment will be longer and usually isn’t included in the cost of your regular dental appointment.
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